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Updated 7.12.2018




The service provider is Karbonaut, which is a trademark of Kanvas Digital Ltd, company id 2874930-4. To purchase our products you must by 18 years or older.


The product you buy is the service package that includes our commitment of CO2 offsetting and the documentation and certificate of your purchase.


After you have paid a product on our webshop we commit to support a Gold Standard certified project in a way that the the amount of CO2 reduction equivalents of our purchase and your purchase match.


The product prices include value added tax (VAT). We have the right to modify our products and their pricing at any time.




You can order the products by selecting them at webshop, filling the required information and paying them with the available payment methods.


We confirm the orders by delivering a receipt to the email address specified by the customer. We deliver the certificate within 24 hours to the same email address.


All orders are confirmed via email. Receiving the receipt and certificate requires disclosing a valid email address.


By paying the order the customer confirms having validated their order and contact information and accepting the terms and conditions. Oders cannot be canceled or modified.


If you don't receive the receipt and certificate within a week of your order or if they include false information, please contact with 14 days of noticing the error.


Payment methods


The products are paid before delivery using your payment card and Stripe payment service. By using the service you accept Stripe terms and conditions:

Using and passing on the product 


User can pass on the certificate of the purchased offsetting package as a gift. A private person or an organization can publish information of their purchase, an un-modified certificate or a picture of it. Modifying the certificate and claiming it for original is prohibited.


Passing on the certificate against a payment is prohibited.





We reserve the right to change this Terms of service at any time. By buying our products you confirm accepting these Terms of service.



Updated  7.12.2018


Kanvas Digital Ltd collects data of the user of Karbonaut webshop.


We follow your personal data according to current legislation.


1. Definitions


"Karbonaut" or "We" refer to the company behind the Karbonaut name: Kanvas Digital Ltd, Otakaari 5 A, 02150 Espoo, Finland, company id  2874930-4.


"Webshop" or "Service" refers to the digital marketplace We offer to private persons, companies and other organizations.


"User" or "You" refer to a person using Kabonaut Service.


"Product" refers to Our commitment of offsetting CO2 emissions and the documents we deliver to User about offsetting.



2. Personal data register holder


Name: Kanvas Digital Oy

Company id: 2874930-4

Address: Otakaari 5 A, 02150 Espoo




3. Personal data we collect


3.1 Karbonaut collects personal data of i) Users who buy a product from Webstore and ii) persons who are named as certificate beneficiaries by User.


3.2 In the aforementioned cases We only collect the data to the extent that is necessary for a reliable and fluent user experience.


3.3 We may collect the following data: first name, last name, emai address, information about the purchases in Webshop, user's location when they are using the Service.


3.4. We do not reveal User's data to any other users without a specific written concent.


4. Other information we collect


4.1 We may also collect the following data about how Users use the Webshop for statistical and development reasons: session length, browsing history, IP address, device and browser models/versions, location. This kind of information is collected anonymously and useing up to date data security protocols.



5. Cookies


5.1 We use cookies  when You visit the Webshop. They help us monitor and optimize the Service. Please note that if You disable cookies in Your browser it may affect Your webshop experience.



6. How do We use your personal data


6.1 We use your personal data primarily to offer you a fluent and versatile user experience.


6.2 Sending information and receipts via email is an integral part of the Service.


6.3 We may also use your personal data to i) troubleshooting either requested by You or when we notice a problem, ii) to inform you about significant changes in the Service, iii) to answer your inquiries about the Service, iv) to contact you for Webshoip quality control, v) to handle your payments and refunds.


6.4 We process your data mainly inside the EU and EMU. Certain third party services we use may also process data in the United States. These services have committed to the Privacy Shield framework.


7. Sharing your personal data


7.1 We share your personal data with Karbonaut personnel, our subcontractors and parners only to the extent that is necessary for maintaining and developing the Service.


7.2 We do not submit your personal data to other Users without your consent.


7.4 We do not sell or submit your personal data to marketing or other purposes to third parties without your consent.


7.5 We may disclose your personal data if required by law, regulation or ruling of a court.


7.6 Karbonaut has the right to transfer all rights and responsibilities listed in this Privacy Policy, either fully or partially, to the subsidiary, follower or business acquirer without the consent of Users.

8. Storing your personal data


We do not store your information longer than is permitted by law or is necessary to maintain the Service.


9. Security


9.1 We follow the best practices to protect your personal data. Our Webshop runs on webshop platform. 


9.2 It is Your responsibility to protect your email account and payment account.


9.3 Please note you need to be at least 18 years old to use the Service.


9.4. Please note that the Service includes integrations to third party services whose privacy policies may differ from this Privacy Policy.


10. Your rights


10.1 Right to access your data

You have the right to know, what personal data have collected about you.


10.2 Right to modify your data

You have the right to correct or complete your personal data. If you wish to correct or complete personal data and can't access them via Floud app profile section you can ask us to correct them manually.


10.3 Right to be forgotten

You have right to have your personal data erased. We will comply with such request if we do not have a legitimate interest or legal obligation to retain the data or if you don't have contractual obligations that need to be fulfilled before erasing your data. Please note that erasing your data may prevent you from using Floud. After an erasure request we shall delete your data and all residual copies as soon as reasonably possible.


10.4 Right to object

You have right to object to how we process your data, if the data is processed for other purposes than those which are necessary for the performance of Floud or for legal compliance.


10.5 Right to restriction of processing

You have right to obtain further processing your data in case of a pending request of using your other rights.


10.6 Right to data portability

You have right to receive your data in a commonly used machine readable format.


10.7 How to use the rights

If you wish to make a request, or if you have a question related to your rights or this privacy policy, please contact us at

We may request you additional information to confirm tyour identity. We may reject excessively repetitive or otherwise unreasonable.



11. Changes


11.1 Karbonaut may change this Privacy Policy. In that case we publish it on Karbonaut webpage and in a case when the change may significantly affect User's willingness to use the Service we inform about the change to the email address User has specified when useing the Service.


11.2 If User doesn't accept the modified Privacy Policy, User should stop using the Service.

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