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Karbonaut is a Finnish developer of carbon offsetting solutions. Our mission is to offer effective and simple ways to offset your carbon footprint.

Human-caused global warming is a challenge that we need to solve fast. We can’t outsource the responsibility to governments, corporations, organizations, scientiests, bigger countries, developing countries… to “the others”. Its’ up to each one of us.


We encourage each and everyone to educate themselves about the subject – even though we know it’s a complicated one. We challenge everyone to do something tangible right now: carpooling, domestic travelling, sustainable shopping. 


Even though actions of an individual may have a limited effect, we belive in the power of example. 


Changing our habits takes time and letting go of our passions, like hobbies, may be too much to ask. Thereby our suggestion is to reduce what you can – and offset what you can’t.


Karbonaut™ is a trademark of Kanvas Digital Ltd
(company ID 2874930-4). We are a based in Finland in the EU.

Janne Haila

Passion and climate sin - equitation

Climate actions - avoiding rice and beef


Samu Saastamoinen

Passion and climate sin - telemark skiing

Climate actions - Driving plugin hybrid car and using geothermal heating and recycling

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