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Updated 12.5.2021


These Terms of Service applies to "Fashion offset with myclimate" application.


Merchant Agreement – Webshop App

This Merchant agreement describes the specific conditions of using the "Fashion offset with myclimate" app for webshop CO2 offsetting. 


By accepting the Agreement, you also accept our Privacy Policy.



This agreement is between You and Service provider and Offsetting provider


Service provider

Karbonaut™ is a trademark of Kanvas Digital Ltd

Company id: 2874930-4

Rullaniementie 7 A, 02260, Espoo, Finland

– later referred to as "Kanvas"


is responsible for offering you the Shopify webshop application as a representative of the Offsetting provider


Offsetting provider

Foundation myclimate – The Climate Protection Partnership

Pfingstweidstrasse 10, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland

– later referred to as "myclimate"


is responsible for investing in climate action


Please note that by accepting this agreement you also accept General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of Foundation myclimate.


You and Kanvas and myclimate are referred to as "Parties".


Purpose of the agreement


You commit to this agreement when installing Fashion offset with myclimate app – later referred to as "The App" – to your Shopify webshop.


The App


The App allows your Shopify webshop customers to offset the CO2 emissions of their order from your webshop.  


To make this possible The App creates additional products to you webshop product list. They are referred to as "Offsetting Products". All of them have a specific price, referred to as "Offsetting Price".


The App uses Shopify Billing to collect the amount of Offsetting Prices.




This agreement gives you a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use The App for the sole purpose of collecting contributions to climate action. Using it for any other purpose is prohibited.


Immaterial property rights


myclimate, Karbonaut, Kanvas, Fashion offset with myclimate, and the logos and brand icons are property of Kanvas Digital Ltd and Foundation myclimate. You should not alter them or represent them as your own. You are welcome to market your partnership with myclimate following the myclimate GTC and good taste.


Offsetting Prices


Offsetting prices include the transaction fees collected by Shopify and Paypal. Minimum of 80% of the amount collected by myclimate is channeled to CO2 offsetting projects and the rest enables to run the myclimate organization


Offsetting mechanism


myclimate is a Swiss non-profit organization and belongs to the global leaders in quality carbon offsetting measures. We offset carbon emissions through more than 130 climate protection projects in 37 countries and raise awareness of the topic of climate protection.


We pool all the micro compensations from our customers and direct them to climate action projects. The projects reduce emissions through replacement of fossil energy sources by renewable ones, realization of local reforestation with peasants and implementation of energy efficient technologies. myclimate climate protection projects adhere to the highest standards (Gold Standard, CDM, Plan Vivo). In Addition to the reduction of carbon emissions, they are proven to facilitate a positive local impact for sustainable development. Read more here »





This agreement and the myclimate GTC can be modified at any time. The current version is published on the homepage and/or sent to the client. Subsequent modifications of the GTC will become an integral part of the contract if the client does not object to them in writing within 30 days after the GTC have been published online and/or sent to the client




This Agreement is valid for as long as you are using The App. You may terminate the agreement by un-installing The App. However, your obligation to this agreement is fully terminated only after you have paid all the invoices caused by consumer offsetting until the date you have un-installed The App.  

We may terminate or put on hold your right to use The App due to any reason at any time or stop maintaining The App for any reason.



Updated  12.5.2021

This Privacy Policy describes the specific data privacy matters related to the Fashion offset with myclimate app – later referred to as "The App".


The App allows your Shopify webshop customers offset the CO2 emissions of their order.  


1. Personal data register holder


Kanvas Digital Ltd

Company id: 2874930-4

Rullaniementie 7 A, 02260, Espoo, Finland

later referred to as "Kanvas"


2. Data we collect when you use The App 


When you install The App, you give Kanvas access to the following information: 


Your Shopify webshop information such as your webshop name, country, address, VAT number

Your personal information, such as your name and email address


We do not reveal User's data to any other users without a specific written concent.


3. The ways we use your personal data


We use your personal data to provide you the Service, to personalize the user experience of The App, to contact you and to fulfil our legal obligations.


We may also use your personal data to i) troubleshooting either requested by You or when we notice a problem, ii) to inform you about significant changes in the Service, iii) to answer your inquiries about the Service, iv) to contact you for quality control, v) to handle your payments


4. Sharing your personal data


We share your personal data with Kanvas personnel, our subcontractors and parners only to the extent that is necessary for maintaining and developing the Service.


We do not submit your personal data to other Users without your consent.


We do not sell or submit your personal data to marketing or other purposes to third parties without your consent.


We may disclose your personal data if required by law, regulation or ruling of a court.


Kanvas has the right to transfer all rights and responsibilities listed in this Privacy Policy, either fully or partially, to the subsidiary, follower or business acquirer without the consent of Users.


5. Storing your personal data


We do not store your information longer than is permitted by law or is necessary to maintain the Service.



6. Security


We follow the best practices to protect your personal data. 


It is Your responsibility to protect your account data.


Please note you need to be at least 18 years old to use the Service.


Please note that the Service includes integrations to third party services whose privacy policies may differ from this Privacy Policy.


7. Your rights


Right to access your data

You have the right to know, what personal data have collected about you.


Right to modify your data

You have the right to correct or complete your personal data. If you wish to correct or complete personal data and can't access them via your Shopify profile section you can ask us to correct them manually.


Right to be forgotten

You have right to have your personal data erased. We will comply with such request if we do not have a legitimate interest or legal obligation to retain the data or if you don't have contractual obligations that need to be fulfilled before erasing your data. Please note that erasing your data may prevent you from using The App. After an erasure request we shall delete your data and all residual copies as soon as reasonably possible.


Right to object

You have right to object to how we process your data, if the data is processed for other purposes than those which are necessary for the performance of The App or for legal compliance.


Right to restriction of processing

You have right to obtain further processing your data in case of a pending request of using your other rights.


Right to data portability

You have right to receive your data in a commonly used machine readable format.


How to use the rights

If you wish to make a request, or if you have a question related to your rights or this privacy policy, please contact us at

We may request you additional information to confirm your identity. We may reject excessively repetitive or otherwise unreasonable.



8. Changes


Kanvas may change this Privacy Policy. In that case we publish it on this webpage and in a case when the change may significantly affect User's willingness to use the Service we inform about the change to the email address User has specified when using the Service.


If User doesn't accept the modified Privacy Policy, User should stop using the Service.

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