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  • How do you calculate the emissions for each product?
    We have used several sources, including Different sources and emission calculators may produce slightly different results. All examples are just average estimations, not accurate descirptions of individual emission. One thing though is sure: the more you offset, the better.
  • If we can offset my carbon footprint with money, can I continue consuming?"
    Nope. Reduce what you can and offset what you can't.
  • If I buy several units of the same product, how can I get a different name for each certificate?"
    You should buy the products one by one: select a product, fill the name for certificate, move the product to cart, and repeat.
  • Why don't you have a carbon footprint calculator?
    We create calculators for our partner companies for specific use cases. Fo calculating general emissions of an individual there are so many good calculators, that we feel we couldn't bring anything new to that area. We try to offer understandable offset packages with a friendly pricsing. One great calculator:
  • What do I actually buy?
    By offsetting on Karbonaut website you buy our commitment that we support a selected Gold Standard certified project with a matching amount of CO2 reductions.
  • How come your prices are so affordable compared to many other places?
    We invest in projects that take place in developing countries where the general cost level is lower than in developed countries.
  • Can I trust in real CO2 reductions when I buy your products?
    In this era of alternative trusths we feel that Gold Standard certified projects are a trustworthy way to offset emission.
  • Shouldn't I invest in offsetting in my own country?
    From climate point of view it is irrelevant where a ton of CO2 is emitted or reduced.
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