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CO2 offsetting through AI

PIoneering in Micro offsetting

The idea behind Karbonautti micro offsetting is to help consumers offset the carbon footprint of a commodity at the exact moment they are purchasing it. Until now it has been too complicated. For example, Lisa buys a new shirt from a webshop and would like to compensate the CO2 footprint of the shirt. First Lisa would need to somehow calculate the footprint of that shirt and then find a reliable compensation platform, fill her payment details and then pay an amount that is in many cases measured in cents. For obvious reasons this rarely happens.

There's one industry that is notoriously harmful for the climate but has the compensation mechanism as it should be – air traffic. When buying plane tickets it is more and more common that you can also compensate the carbon footprint as part of the same shopping flow. That can be done, since the details of the purchase are known: flight mileage, airplane type and so on. Estimating the carbon footprint of a flight is relatively easy, but what if it was possible to calculate the carbon footprint of any product and offer the option for compensation at checkout?

That is what Karbonaut AI is all about. We offer webshop merchants tools that automatically create a matching carbon offsetting for all their products. We have started from one specific industry, with a carbon fooprint bigger than all maritime shipping and international flights combined. Did you guess it? We are talking about textile industry. Read more about the subject from this Karbonaut guest blog post.

Fast Fashion NEEDS fast 

Producing fashion and apparel has a carbon footprint that consists of various sources, like cultivation, harvesting, chemical processes, dyeing, cutting, logistics and so on. Producing 1 kg of fabric typically produces 10–100 kg of CO2. Different alternatives include natural and synthetic fibres as well as recycled and organic opotions. Even though the carbon footprint of a piece of apparel is relatively small, the amount of purchases is not – there are around 10 billion fashion webshop checkouts a year. Offsetting even a small fraction of them will make a big impact for the fight against climate change.

IT all comes together in our Shopify app

We have created an app for online fashion stores – see below, how it works! Now we are looking for the right partner for commercialization. If you are a interested, please contact

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